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Brand New
USD 25.49
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  • Sonic Technology, Unique Silicone,with handle, Travel-friendly Design.
  • The brush head made of special material and craft processing can better penetrate into the pores of the skin and clean the texture.
  • If you use the product together with the cleanser, the skin cleaning can be achieved faster and more effectively.
  • The product also has function of vibration which can massage the skin, quickly achieve the magical effect of cleaning and skin care.
  • 42℃ heat massage for eyes,to reduce black eye.
  • Magnet Contact Charging

Brand New
USD 2,915.09
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  • 22" Seat Width
  • Large rear wheels allow you to reverse safely across larger gaps.
  • The seat and backrest are foldable. 
  • With it’s powerful 200W motors and strong structure
  • Made of high grade aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Black Color
  • 1 year warranty
  • Wheelchair88 Warranty

Brand New
USD 2.58
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  • Pated current: 6A
  • Pated Voltage: 110-250V
  • Product Size: 49x52x58mm

Brand New
USD 122.31
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  • No more overflow, diaper rashes or bad smell.
  • No more worries of infection and keeps you dry.
  • No more uncomfortable urinary catheter or sheath.
  • It is resumable, durable, hygienic, flexible and economical.
  • It is comfortable, convenient, practical, easy to use and to clean.
  • User can be heather by consuming adequate fluid without worries.

Brand New
USD 2,064.86
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  • Reclinable backrest (4 positions) and adjustable headrest for more comfort.
  • Made of high grade aluminium alloy body frame (2.5-3mm thickness) to ensure lightest weight possible, reliable and durable.
  • Powerful double 200W motors. (For your information, we don’t use China made motors which are mostly not durable yet high power consumption which drains out the battery too quickly.)
  • Power by lightweight yet durable Polymer Li-ion battery packs (on both sides of armrest) , and you can charge them individually off the chair. (Polymer Li-ion battery pack is very lightweight (1.5 kg each) , durable and safer.)
  • Able to operate 16 km (10 miles) with full charge (tested with 90kg user) .
  • Adjustable seat depth to adapt different user’s preference.
  • Raisable and detachable armrests to allow you get closer to tables or transfer to other surfaces.
  • Detachable and length adjustable footrests.
  • Heavy duty seat support material with multi-layers, supports up to 125kg (275 lbs) user.
  • Total weight of 39kg (86 lbs) but becomes only 31KG (68 lbs) if you detach the armrests and footrests. It can be folded into very compact size in 10-15 seconds, therefore it is easy to lift up and fit into any car trunk.
  • The latest Air-Breeze seat & backrest cover is durable, detachable, washable and provides extra comfort.
  • Comes with a worldwide usable charger, so you can charge it in any part of the world.
  • Optional Raisable Footrest is available to provide user more comfort.

Brand New
USD 244.63
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  • 40 cm (Length) X 40 cm (Width) X 6 cm (Height)
  • Comes with one hand pump and washable seat cover.
  • You can adjust the air pressure with the inlet valve, to suit individual’s need.

Brand New
USD 11,417.45
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  • Fully powered for lie down, stand, sit and recline positions.
  • Maximum peed up to 8 km / hr (5 miles / hr) .
  • Travels up to 30 km (18.5 miles) with a full charge.
  • Equipped with Dynamic LED graphic display Controller (DX2) for precise user control.
  • Adjusts speed automatically during standing position for safety.
  • 8 wheels to provide excellent stability especially during standing and lie down position.
  • Motorized wheels locate in the center to ensure tight turning radius of 66 cm (30″) .
  • Energy saving LED lights for night out.
  • Adjustable headrest for extra comfort.
  • H-shaped safety harness.
  • Spring suspensions for extra comfort over rough terrains.
  • Angle adjustable footrest to allow standing posture in different stages.
  • Adjustable leg length and seat depth to fit users with different leg length.

Brand New
USD 5,137.85
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  • The Lightest Semi-Power Standing wheelchair, which allows you to roll manually and practice stand-up or sit down by power control function. 
  • Frequently stand-up can greatly improve user’s health. It has all the great features that Leo has (Our fully manual standing wheelchair)
  • Adjustable leg length, seat depth and footrest tilting angle.
  • Quick release wheels and backrest foldable for easier transport.

Brand New
USD 8,186.56
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  • Comes in 14″, 16″ and 18″ seat width.
  • Speed up to 8 km / hr (5 miles / hr) .
  • Travels up to 30 km (18.5 miles) with full charge.
  • Equipped with LED lights, headrest and H-shaped safety harness.
  • Spring suspension for extra comfort over rough terrains.
  • More descriptions below under specifications and descriptions.

Brand New
USD 8.24
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  • Detachable billboard,
  • Adsorption,
  • Bidirectional use
  • Easy insertion
  • Replacement of contents
  • 5 panels

Brand New
USD 5,344.10
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  • Proprietary user-controlled stand-up & sit-down mechanisms controlled by our unique hydraulic system.
  • Total operational weight of 26.5 kg (58 lbs) , decreasing to only 21.5 kg (47 lbs) after detaching the front and rear wheels. Quick release function for taking off the rear and front wheels for easy handling and storage during travel.
  • Multiple adjustable parts (Seat depth, backrest height & footrest height and footrest angle) to fit different body sizes and needs. Angle adjustable footrest helps to stretch your calf muscles and tendons during sitting and standing exercise.
  • Polyurethane rear wheel suspension for better riding comfort over rough surfaces.
  • This full aluminum standing wheelchair is very stylish, and also made of top quality materials and workmanship to meet the highest safety & durability requirements.

Brand New
USD 65.35
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  • Just one second extended in use.
  • Simply ONE button folded.
  • Ideal folding size in a bag for carry.
  • Ergonomic design of the grip.
  • 4 heights adjustment (83 / 86.5 / 90 / 93.5cm) can provide you to set it at the desired height.
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